Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Real Retirement

Things happen to me everyday that I could write on this blog. I refuse to write anything serious or sad, as I find that to be a downer for me, and anyone that is reading. Serious and sad is for 60 minutes, or 20-20, not for a little blog that has an audience of 10. I can turn almost all situations into humor, which is the way I try to approach each day. I operate under the “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry” theory. So Dad vs. Dad is strictly written with humor in mind.

I will not write about anything that is not somewhat funny. I will not write about my bad days, and I will not write about my negative happenings. I do not find any therapeutic value in writing about sad events, or fights and arguments. This particular approach of mine, limits what I can write about. I read, and have read many, many blogs. I find that most of them are decent, but are also very repetitive. Different events, and or experiences are written in the same way. Basically I am reading the same thing, over and over, and over again. My writing has become that same very thing. Different story, told the same way. I am repetitive in my writings. Funny stuff happens to me, and I tell the story. I tell the story the same way I told the last funny story. Rocky 6 comes to mind. Get over it Sylvester, move on to something else.

It was fun when it was fresh and new, but that was a long time ago. I can’t be just another blogger. I need to take my jokes to a new audience. I should go over to My Space, or whatever the hell it is called. I need to go be fresh and new again. No offense people, but the time has come to retire. I do not want to bore you with my meaningless rants any longer. I cannot be just another run of the mill blogger, and that is where I am heading.
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