Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a fact of life. You cannot stop it; you can only hope to contain it. To this day, my brothers and I still compete. Well, they all compete for second place. I don’t need to compete, cause I am far better than all of them at anything we do. So I usually come in first, and they all know that, so it is tough on them. Anyway, I didn’t know how young it actually began until last night. We had another soccer game last night, and my team did not have enough players, so I called Luke up from the minors. Luke plays in the 4 and 5-year old league, I coach Kyle in the 6 and 7-year olds.

Kyle was not at all pleased to see Luke don the great Maroon jersey. Actually he was pissed. I could see it in his eyes. So there I am, the great soccer coach, coaching both of my boys. Luke came onto the field with a smile a mile wide. Kyle came onto the field with a scowl of evil. It was a proud father moment. I started Luke as the Goalie to get him acclimated to the situation. He was fired up. He was playing with the big boys. He was hopping up and down, and ready. The first shot that came his way he saved it. The next shot that came his way went right on passed him. He hardly moved. So I went back and patted him on the head and told him to keep his chin up. Kyle went back and said, “Great Luke, because of you, we are losing 1 to nothing.” So I scolded Kyle a little bit, and did what all great dads would do. I put Kyle in net for the second period.

Kyle plays a mean net, but he too gave up a goal. I’m pretty sure I saw Luke smile at that, but he didn’t say anything. Later in the game both of my boys were playing offense. They were doing pretty well. They both had some solid plays, and Luke was holding his own with the big boys. Then it happened. I witnessed sibling rivalry at its best. Luke had a break away. He got out in front of everybody. He was motoring down the field, with Kyle trailing the play. The red teams goalie was all that was between Luke and the net. I was hollering for Luke to go, and yelling for Kyle to trail the play, and play the rebound. It was set up perfect. My two boys were out alone, and one of them was going to score.

I started to picture the celebration in my head. One would score the goal, and the two of them would High-Five each other, and do the airplane out to mid-field. It was setting up perfect. The crowd was so excited and my boys were leading the way. Then I witnessed Kyle make the best defensive play of his career. He put on a burst of speed, and caught Luke from behind. He stepped in front of Luke a booted the ball out of bounds. It was not even near the net. Kyle cleared the zone. He saved the goalie from having to make a play. Kyle stole the ball from Luke, and instead of shooting, he cleared it.

The crowd went silent, and the boys walked back. Luke was pissed, and Kyle was smirking. There I realized; there was no way, no way in hell that Kyle was going to let Luke score while playing on his team. It was another proud father moment.


Blogger WILLIAM said...

It's just like that time in football when I caught that pass and instead of blocking for me, you kicked me in the face and I had to get stitches in my eye. But we were 21 and 22 years old.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous the dogwalker said...

This story sounds eerily similar to a guy I used to play basketball with on "Open Gym Night" at the local elementary school. He thought pulling up for a twenty-five footer with two guys wide open under the basket was a good shoot. The worst part was I had to pass to him, he was my boss.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whisperers Motto:

It's not whether YOU win or lose...
It's whether I win or lose.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous maggie said...

that is hilarious
i cant wait till i babysit these kids it will be a blast

7:17 PM  
Anonymous nikkirae said...

LOL.. My sister and I still compete. Good to see we aren't the only ones.


11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

William claims that his blog is better than your blog.

5:59 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

hmmmm and the name of this blog is...
Dad vs. Dad....

I'm just sayin'


7:14 PM  
Anonymous momo9 said...

Today is May 23rd. This blog is history. I've read it 4 times. What? No new material? There must be something going on in your life! Oh! That's right! It's golf season! No work, no writing, no thoughts, just golf!!!!

7:23 PM  
Anonymous stepblog said...

Your seven year old age group soccer games sound a LOT more exciting than the seven year old soccer age group games I've gone to. Must be the competitive drive of the coach : )And William's comment on this post is very funny. In a "oh man, no you didn't" funny kind of way.

5:44 PM  

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