Sunday, February 26, 2006


Some years ago, my brother Kevin said something that stuck with me. The conversation was about kids, and video games. The talk was about whether or not his kids were going to get the latest and greatest game console. Some in my family think that video games should not be allowed, and others are more lenient. Kevin’s theory was pretty simple. He said, “ I don’t want my kids to be video junkies, but I also don’t want them to be the only kids in their class that don’t know how to play.” He was thinking deeper than just the video games themselves, and was thinking of the social implications that it could have on his kids. I thought that made all the sense in the world. Let’s face it, video games are a part of kid’s lives, and they are not going away. So my wife and I subscribe to the Kevin theory, let them play, but monitor the games and length of time they play.

So this year at Christmas the awesome people that I work with all chipped in and got me X BOX. So my wife and I got the kids some games, and they love it. We have the occasional tears when we make them turn it off, but the Kevin theory is working well. There is only one problem: I am freaking addicted. That’s right, the kids are ok, but me, I can’t put it down. As soon as the kids are in bed, I am playing Tiger Woods 2006.

I have some questions. Is George Bush still the president? Did we catch Bin Laden yet? Who won the Super Bowl? When do the Olympics start? I am so far out of the loop. I haven’t watched the news in 2 months. I am too tired in the morning to read the paper. I may be missing out on some things, but I can’t put the controller down. Is there a support group for me? “Hi, I’m John, and I’m a video gameaholic.” There, I said it. I’m trying to fight it. I want badly to sit and have a conversation with my wife, but I can’t. Unless she can tell me the break of the green on the 7th hole at Pebble Beach, I’m not listening. So the Kevin Theory works for the kids, but what about 36 year olds?


Blogger WILLIAM said...

We had pong when the rest of the world had atari.

Doesn't the wife play Tiger woods?

8:30 PM  
Blogger jd said...

When I was a kid with the original Nintendo my parents were completely addicted. They would send us to be at 7pm and play Tetris all night long. It was crazy. Before we got Tetris, my dad used to play that game where you shoot the ducks with the gun and the dog puts it in his mouth (Duck Hunt, I think). He always laughed at that dog. And then we got Hogan's Alley. (He's a cop.) He liked to pretend it was real life. See? I have fond memories of my parents and video game addiction. Play on, Lawn Whisperer.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Kel said...

HA! Now you know the real reason I don't let the games in the house - shhh, DH hasn't caught on yet ;)

12:42 AM  
Blogger WILLIAM said...

There are too many golf/sex jokes here..
You need to get a hole in one somehow.
Playing with Putter.
Something about at least you can get the birdy with I said too brain may explode.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Max's Favorite Uncle said...

That may be why you don't get lucky as often as you wish.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Odd Mix said...

Well, admitting your addiction is the first step, so you are on the right path! Now you need to get away from your temptation - so you can just send that nasty old x-box off to me and I will , ah... take care of it for you. OK? LOL

My wife and I missed about a moth of our lives a couple of years ago when we got the Lord of the Rings game. "Are the kids asleep?" "Yes!" "OK, Fire up the game. What level were we on?"

8:42 AM  
Anonymous momo9 said...

The Lawn is calling! "Whisperer" where are you? It is time to fertilize. Want to get it down before the onion snow. Come here, Whisperer , I need attention! Get away from those addicting games. Get out into the fresh air and breath, breath, I am waiting, "Whisperer" You are the man! Don't neglect me now! I need you! Do you hear the voice?

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worst part about video golf is it never rains

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice... Look I feel like i'm part responsible for your addiction... since I am part of that group that got the game in the first place... I think we will set up a recon mission: and take back the Xbox...

Although word has it that this is the Happiest your Wife has ever been!!! She doesn't have you nagging her ever 2 1/2 minutes at night!!!

Oh, and by the way... I don't own or play any of these video games but I know I can still beat you in Tiger Woods 2006!!! Bring it on!!

-somehow related-

12:25 PM  
Blogger Peanutt said...

Oh, video games are very addicting! We have decided that during the week we do not let the kids play but on the weekend they can. Everyone gets sucked in, so sucked in that I even have my own controller that nobody else can use for fear they will break it and I won't be able to play!!!!

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

You are hilarious!!! Love the blog.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

This is exactly the reason why I don't play video games....I know this will happen to me and I will miss several chapters of my life. Good luck. Stacie

5:52 PM  

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