Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Captain Morgan's and Mondays

Parenting is challenging. I am the first to admit that parenting is challenging…for my wife. I kind of have it made by being the guy that gets to leave the house everyday. I am the weekend guy. I am the fun guy, and my wife is the parent. It kind of sucks for her, but somebody has to do it. On Saturday and Sunday we do everything as a family, but I am the one that the boys want to hang with. This makes for very tiresome weekends.

Young Skywalker and Solo are very energetic, high speed, crazy, lunatic kids. They are fun, but brutal. Keeping them entertained is a must. How my wife does it during the week is beyond me. The thing is, she won’t tell me any of her secrets. Nope, they are for her, and her alone. The fact that she is still somewhat sane leads me to believe that she has some secrets on how to handle the boys. So I go through the weekends trying to keep my sanity, and she is smiling all along. So I resorted to drinking.

Friday and Saturday nights are Captain Morgan’s nights. Captain and Coke after the kids go to bed. It soothes me a little in preparation for the next morning. I do not get hammered or anything, I just take the edge off. Then Sunday night, I start smiling. Cause on Sunday night, I know that Monday is right around the corner. AHHH, Monday morning. I am up before the sun rises, whistling in the shower. I am whistling happy tunes, cause I know I am leaving for work. I love work. I can rest at work. I rest up for the next weekend. So, other than my family, my two favorite things are Captain Morgan’s and Mondays. Is this wrong?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Captain My Captain...
1st- You should not feel an obligation to entertain the young Jedi's. Playing etc is good. Feeling that each weekend has to out do the pastone is no good.

2nd- I think you would look good in the Captain's costume playing Captain Jack Sparrow with the Mom of Skywalker and Solo.

9:51 AM  
Blogger tAnYeTTa said...

This is hilarious and now I know why my husband whistles in the shower now!!! Tooooooo funny.

10:51 AM  
Blogger WILLIAM said...

On Saturday nights, do you take a red marker and draw mustaches on all their action figures?

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Kel aka monkeydragon said...




(I still find it suspicious that my DH took a job traveling JUST as the DDs are approaching puberty!)

2:17 PM  
Blogger Peanutt said...

MMMM, Captains can be a persons best friend!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO... Why should that be wrong...
And thanks alot for giving away our Secret!!!

Come on Man, where is your Head?

Just like when Eddie Murphy dressed as the white man and found out all about how us white folks treat each other....
Now ... Now you are letting any women who reads this blog in on our little secret...How All Dads Whistle in the shower on Monday Mornings... how we leave extra early on Mondays... and how we long for the weekend to come and go!!!
Damn Man... you're blowing it...

Oh, and yeah sure.. I just drink to take the edge of.. what a bunch of crap... tell that line to your AA group in a few years.. they will get a good laugh at that one..

-somehow related- stuck in captivity-

4:17 PM  

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