Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have seen it a ton of times. Every TV show with an investigation goes through it. You know, the ‘who done it’ shows. In every episode they are all looking for the same thing. The guy and girl investigative team is torn. (Apparently you can’t have a cop show anymore unless you cast a guy-girl partner tandem.) They go sit in the captain’s office and are bringing him up to speed. Somewhere along the line, somebody says this “Sir, we’re getting close, we just need to find that last piece of the puzzle.”

So all of these people are frustrated and agitated that they can’t find that last piece of the puzzle. They are working day and night to find that puzzle piece. It is an all-consuming life that takes on a meaning of its own, when that puzzle piece is missing. Everybody involved is out to find that puzzle piece. Well, I know how they feel. I could be on one of those shows, cause I have real life experience on this topic.

Luke and I were at home alone, and we put a puzzle together. We put the entire thing together, and there is a piece missing. The piece is smack in the middle of the puzzle. Luke made me look everywhere. It became an all-consuming project. I was prepared to work through the night. I was turning the room upside down, when Vicki walked in. She asked what we were doing and I had to tell her. I said, “Hon, We have been looking everywhere, we need to find the last piece of the puzzle.” So, my wife started to help us look. Here we were, a guy-girl partner investigative team, looking for the last piece of the puzzle. We could be on TV.

We have not found the piece yet. The puzzle still rests on the coffee table, finished, except for that piece. It is disturbing to me that we have not found it. But someday I will find it. I will find the missing piece of the puzzle.


Blogger WILLIAM said...

What you need to do is sit Kyle in a room with a two way mirror and have Vicki be the bad Cop and jack him up against a wall and you step in and say, "Look! I am trying to help you here. Help me help you."

Oh and I also think you should wear a short sleeve collared striped shirt with a mismatch tie and call yourself Sipowicz.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Sandy said...

Glad to see you back LW. (Also love the NYPD Blue reference Bill, I miss that show)

9:06 AM  
Anonymous RzDrms said...

i bet anonymous stopped by and secretly took it in order to play a trick on you.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

We used to bulid a lot of puzzles in my house and one person would always take a piece in the building process so that they could say they put the last piece in. It was usually my grandmother, what a trip she was.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the Moonlighting tension best. My guess is that you put the piece in your front pocket and you are waiting for your partner to find it.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous momoo9 said...

L.W. I thought you were going to tell about my recent episode with the puzzle. I, too, just put a puzzle together 500 pieces, tiny little pieces. I gave it to your Aunt M. to do.( her hobby) The pieces were too little for her to work with, so I decided to finish it. ONE piece missing! I've looked all over. No where to be found. I asked Aunt M. if she had it. She opened the box. She said she did not have it. It would be like her to pull a trick on me like that. So now I have a beautiful puzzle of bird houses and flowers and a piece missing. My piece is out of the upper left hand corner.( thought you'd be interested.) How bout that. We both have the same dilema. Do you think Mom-Mom had something to do with this? I finished my puzzle though, the week before you know what.?? We need the "Closer" for this one. Puzzling for sure!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful with the Sipowicz line, you don't want to encourage LW to walk around butt naked!

8:38 PM  

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