Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Watch Children

Kyle is a reader now. He reads and reads and reads. We are at a point where he reads signs on buildings. If my wife runs into the store and we are sitting in the car, Kyle will read everything that he sees. If it is a word that he does not know, he will sound it out just like the guy from Sesame Street does. Pre scrip tion. Prescrip tion. Prescription. It’s cute. He has to read every street sign that we pass. “Dad, slow down, I want to read that sign.” So I slow down so he can read it. I find this to be cute as well. I don’t think the 10 cars lined up behind me find it so cute, but my boy is reading, so they can wait.

Last night driving home from my birthday dinner, we pull into the development, and Kyle wants to read a sign. I pause at the sign for him to get a look. He goes through the sounding it out thing, and reads it. Watch Children the sign read. Watch Children. Luke says, “ We need one of those signs at our house.” My wife and I look at each other, and Vicki says, “Why do we need one of those Luke?” “Well, you guys never watch us. The sign says watch children, and you guys always send us down the basement to play. You’re not watching us when we are down there by ourselves. How about when you send us out back to play on the swing set? Who’s watching us then?” We laugh a little and then Vic explains that we are always watching, and we know that they are safe. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Was Luke’s response. Anyway, I won’t be stopping for Kyle to read any more signs.


Blogger WILLIAM said...

You could also use a sign that read "Slow Children Playing."

Or you could use the power of readin to your beneift and leave recipes out for The kids to read to Mom.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Signs found at the Whisperers House:
Keep off the Grass
Man at Work
Slippery When Wet

Signs not Found:
Beware of Dog
Wide Load
Beer Freezes before Road

1:22 PM  
Blogger Odd Mix said...

I was going to suggest that you have him read some kids books like the three little pigs, or little red riding hood, or peter and the wolf. But he'd probably read them out loud and give you nightmares.

3:18 PM  
Blogger WILLIAM said...

"Long haired freaky people need not apply"

8:09 AM  
Anonymous somehow related said...

Wow, several interesting comments...hmmm how do I follow, well, for one, You have your Hands Full with those two!!!

They are both well beyond their years already.... I can't believe Luke is already bashing your parenting skills at age 4. I mean doesn't that usually happen in Theorapy at age 16 or 17?

Best of Luck to you....

1:43 PM  

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