Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogger Service Announcement

Recently it has been brought to the attention of the management here at Dad Vs. Dad and at Poop and Boogies that a member of our family has been perusing the Blog-o-sphere and leaving comments on various blogs Anonymously. He may sometimes leave a signature of “William’s Brother” or “LawnWhisperer’s Brother”.

Although we encourage this anonymous blog commenter to read other blogs and to enjoy the experience of blogging, we would like to state that the opinions and statements that he makes in NO WAY reflect the Opinons and Statements of either William or the Lawnwhisperer.

We would also encourage the Anonymous commenting brother to give himself a “handle” as he likes to call it (please note that the Anonymous brother was given a CB Radio by his godfather for his 12th birthday and he seems trapped in the 70’s). We in the computer age would like him to use the phrase User Name. We suggest the user name that he uses be one of the following: PEZ, The Bowler, Mix Master K, or Carson’s Roommate.

The Management


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lurked in the shadows of Odd. I have tried to be super around Lois. Even these long time lurker, first time commenter type people have lured me in. I know funny, I am a clown fish...Carson's roomate? That's funny.

10:16 AM  
Blogger No_Newz said...

Hey copycat, please see my comment at William's blog. :P
You posted four minutes after he did copycat, indeed. Hahahaha!
Have a great day!
Lois Lane

10:18 AM  

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